Who do we do work for


                                                                                                    Because we are truly independent and unbiased we are able to work

                                                                                                    in two different ways; we can accept instructions from either the legal

                                                                                                    representatives or one of the parties to work solely on their behalf

                                                                                                    on the negotiated apportionment of the pension scheme assets  




                                                                                                    We can accept a joint instruction either directly from the court, jointly

                                                                                                    from both parties’ legal representatives or directly from both parties    


                                                                                                   What we do not do  


                                                                                                    We are not independent financial advisers and we do not provide

                                                                                                    independent financial advice, we do not advise or work in any field

                                                                                                    other than the area of pensions in relation to divorce which is our

                                                                                                    sole focus.


                                                                                                    Because of this we can truly claim to be totally independant and

                                                                                                    completely unbiased.  


                                                                                                   Why use us  


                                                                                                    Because you will receive over thirty years pension experience, with

                                                                                                    access to a consultant who has been a main board  trustee of a major

                                                                                                    high street name pension scheme, an adviser working alongside the

                                                                                                    ombudsman in the resolution of pension disputes, who is fully

                                                                                                    qualified and who specialises in the area of pension valuations with a

                                                                                                    company that is a member of the Society of Pension Consultants.

                                                                                                    This should ensure that our work is acceptable in a court of law.     


                                                                                                    If part of the assets that are to be split were a business then you

                                                                                                    would ask an accountant, for works of art, an auctioneer, property a

                                                                                                    surveyor. For pensions you have to ask a pension consultant because

                                                                                                    the only difference with pensions is that quite often neither party has

                                                                                                    any idea of the value, or worse still, believes that they do and

                                                                                                    negotiates on it in ignorance of it’s true worth.


                                                                                                    The difference between the true value of a pension and the transfer value

                                                                                                    can be seen here in some real life examples. 


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